Website: Prime Automotive Parts Ordering System User ID and Passwords are for the use of Prime’s Customer Base. Unauthorized access by others will result in removal of you access to the Prime Ordering System

Orders: All delivery orders placed from Glendale by the designated cut-off time, are for the Next Business Day delivery. If Glendale is out of stock, you can order for delivery from one of our other Branch Warehouses. There may be a day delay or two depending on the posted cut-off times.

Totes:  All Totes must be returned on the NEXT Prime Deliver Truck.

Discrepancies: Any Short or Over Ships on deliveries must be reported to our Glendale Order Entry Department within TWO Working Days.

Core/Defect Returns: Core and Defects are to be returned to Prime on Tuesday and Thursdays. These are hand written in the Prime Core/Defect Books. Cores and Defects should be written up and submitted on separate pages. The WHITE COPY goes with the return. The BLUE COPY is your receipt. Both copies should be signed and dated by the driver. ALL UNITS MUST BE IN THE BOX.

New Returns (RTS): All New Returns of Slower Moving Parts that you received from Prime within the last 60 days, and need to return because you 1. Lost the sale, 2. Do Not Stock that part or 3. You Stock but will not sell again in the next month or so, can be returned. You need to write up on the Prime Single New Returns Sheet, and FAX to  (718) 850-4001 or (718) 850-3989 Please use the numeric Mfg. Codes and print neatly. You will receive an approved Computerized RG ( Return Goods) packing list. Parts NOT ELIGIBLE will appear on the bottom and cannot be returned.  You fill ship quantity exceptions and you keep the tear-off green copy for your records and return the Pink, larger slip with the return to Prime.

Price Downloads: The Orange Download Box, brings you to the Prime Automotive Price file download page. Click on the selected manufacturer line to download the Excel price file.  Contact your salesman if you do not have the access password. It has not changed from the old website. Note: We make every effort to make sure these prices are correct and up to date, but are not responsible for any timing or posting issues because of “on the fly” price changes by the manufacturer.  The prices that show on our Nexpart Ordering System are the actual live prices.




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